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POD: Interview with International Latin Musical Artist & Luxury Organic/CBD Skincare Founder, Carmen Milagro

Listen to the latest "The Women of Power Hours" (WOPH) Pod Interview!

This episodewith recurring Pink Purse International Radio/Times Guest, Carmen Milagro, International Latin Musical Artist and Founder of Borbón Luxury Organic/CBD Skincare, Topics: Women's Entrepreneurship, CBD, CBD Oil, Hemp, Sustainability, Cancer, Chronic Illness. Additional WOPH Pod Guest Resources: and


Featured on ABC-TV's "Chronicle" (WCVB-TV), the new WOPH podcast (@iTunes: The Women of Power Hours) continues The Conversation of the rich, variegated experiences of Women worldwide, via thought-provoking interviews with Celebrity and Influential Women. Host: Fey Ugokwe, Esq.,


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#TBF: In 5 w/Fey Interview with Celebrity Lifestyle Chef, Merck's "A Touch of Sugar (narrated by Viola Davis)" Film-Featured, American Diabetes Association Spokesperson--Chef Leticia Moreinos Schwartz

by Fey Ugokwe, Esq.,

And deep within the borders of so-called Others were young women well older than their years--with flashing sunset smiles, and pretty heads yet full of sociopolitical heavy, that knew they were called to be somewhere else in this rollicking ball of planet. And more forensically still, they already old-soul seemed to know the secrets to the Spice of what we call Life--a savoury acknowledgment of one's own sweet essence; an acceptance of the steaming, lime-and-sugarcane cup of one's sole missions; and a jealous insistence on the balance between flesh and breath, labour and dear leisure, that would make even a Zen master proud. Onesuch is former NBC Today Show correspondent, celebrity chef, writer for magazines such as Saveur and Fine Cooking, spokesperson for industry giant Merck and culinary mainstay Gravy Master (as seen on Cooking Channel), and award-winning Latin cookbook author, Leticia Moreinos Schwartz. Far from her beloved Braz…

Who You Gonna Call: A Life Coach, Psychologist or Psychiatrist??

Although May was technically Mental Health Awareness Month, we here at The PPI Times would like to remind--especially all Womenfolk--that every month is an opportunity to tune into your core mental and emotional status. Women are typically socialized to simply go-go-go and ignore the warning signs presented by a change in their moods, desires, energy levels and behaviours. And people of colour, worldwide, have also experienced the additional stigma of being shamed out of seeking expert mental or emotional help--by their own cultural communities--or for even just revealing their struggles with emotional or mental stability. But, letting symptoms roll past for too long can lead to everything from the snowballing of present issues in one's work or home life, to a complete mental, emotional, and/or physical breakdown.

And, to add insult to injury, in our finger-snapping, on demand existence, the question always remains--when you do reach out for professional mental help, whom do you ca…

New Format for ABC-TV (WCVB-TV)-Featured Pink Purse International Media

Recently ABC-TV (WCVB-TV)-featured Pink Purse International, via its The PPI Times magazine and The Women of Power Hours podcast, will be featuring brand new, lifestyle-integrative content; more diverse, progressive, and absolutely fabulous celebrity and influential Women guests; and, best of all new formats! 

First off, this The PPI Times magazine site will now feature special sections and corresponding content, designed for the unique 360 of a Woman’s life! Click The PPI Times page link to learn more, and simply click the = icon at the top right of this site, and then ‘PPI Times Sections & Articles’ from the  menu, to view all current and curated content! 

Also, remember to Subscribe to this site for timely alerts of fresh content, by clicking the = icon at the top right of this site—and then scrolling to either “Subscribe To The PPI Times” or “Follow by Email”.

Lastly, the second iteration of Pink Purse International Radio’s power-packed celebrity and influential Women podcast, Th…

"The Women of Power Hours" Podcast Featured on ABC-TV's "Chronicle" (WCVB-TV)

Pink Purse International's founder, Fey, recently featured on ABC-TV's "Chronicle" (WCVB-TV), regarding "The Women of Power Hours"podcast!! A HUGE thanks again to the amazing news production team, her guest, and everyone who assisted in creating the segment!! Watch:


**These video and promotional statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to replace the clinical diagnosis of, or treat, cure or prevent any disease. Your individual results may differ. Results may vary based on each customer’s physical health, diet and exercise. Pharaoh Products are designed to assist an individual by being a part of an overall health and lifestyle change. Pharaoh Products does not make any promise, guarantee or representation, express or implied, that an individual …

TBM: Prolific Celebrity Author (the Late) Monique Raphel High

For #WomensHistoryMonth Fey features 2 of her previous podcast guests—who have died. Listen to this epic #TBM episode of “The PPI Women of Power Hours”(iTunes): Her interview with the late, prolific #Celebrity #Author, her dear friend, Monique Raphel High:
French, Jewish, & a child refugee who fled the Nazis with her parents, Monique—a film exec's daughter—picked up the pen & became a force in print; screen. She spoke of her sweeping historic novels, life & passions. But, little did they know their lives would mirror each other in loss: Monique’s husband would be felled by cancer; & Fey, seeing Monique’s saga online, would live it herself in caring for her Mum—who would die within months of Monique’s husband, also from cancer.
Fey visited Monique, just after her dealing with her mother's passing, not realizing it would be the last time she would see Monique alive. Both the celeb-chef L.A. French chez Monique took her to--t…

TBS: Movie/Theatre Actor + Producer & 2019 Double Independent Artists Award-Winner Edna Lee Figueroa

Download on iTunes podcasts, "The Women of Power Hours"! And, listen to an amazing #TB episode with Movie & Television Actor/Director/Producer--and now, 2019 Independent Artists Award Winner for both production and acting--Edna Lee Figueroa, whose acting credits include Maldeamores, produced by Benicio Del Toro, on the newly revamped, The Women of Power Hours (WOPH) podcast.The new WOPH broadcast continues The Conversation of the rich, variegated experiences of Women worldwide, via interviews with Celebrity & Influential Women: Fey Ugokwe, Esq.,

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