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Tra-la-la, la-la and the Transcenders

(Behind the scenes, basically, far away from my ppi brand's online sites, I 
receive quite a bit of kudos for this blog--both for the largely woman-celebrity 
celebrating work that it once was, as attendant to my interviews with them and 
other influential women on my radio show; and for the illustrative medium it had 
of late become, in my highlighting within it the pathos and pleasures that I 
painted into my new book, a multicultural, woman-centered novella with themes 
for almost all. Additionally, I've been blessedly forever fielding similarly secret/somewhat secret requests to appear on the radio show--which in actuality, I have not 
broadcasted in essentially a couple of years now. In point of fact, I believe 
part of the success of my show was the willingness of those great women guests 
to open themselves up in the on-air interview process, and the other of course, 
my ability somehow, to indeed get their good and guiding stories well out of 
them. So, it is in part because of both the former and the latter--expressed 
love to me for the blog and the radio show--that I compose the entry that I do 
today, with sincere gratitude to all who have reached out to me, in any form or 
fashion, about the blog and the show over the past few years, months, weeks, and 
even days. Bless you all profoundly, profoundly, profoundly for your keen 
interest, unwavering encouragement, and truly spirited artistic support):
It was to the left and diagonal to me, twinkling-keyed and upper-C'd--a wordless 
song so sprite, so high--soaring up, up, up, slanted-air-balloon around and into 
my ears: "Tra-la-la, la-la! Tra-la-la, la-la!" It was little-voiced, 
kid-cartoon-esque and fantastic; and ringing jubilantly out, it dared to defy 
the each and all darkness and gloom of that brisk-winded March day. Because of 
its sheer purity, free-spiritedness, and birthday-bouncy-house joy, I found 
myself in those new seconds curiously beginning to let the sheer wretchedness of 
my current life/week/day, go--and relaxing slightly, listening intently as I 
trod, allowing that sunshine song to ray, radiate into my thoughts. But just 
then--from the same direction of its ascent, left of me, closeby it and at 
angle--rushed this Harsh, slicing that cane-sugar-sweet, summery song well down: 

"Hey-hey-hey! Calm yo' ass down!" And then with it, a something  inaudible, said 
suspiciously lower-toned and thus completely away from the hearing of any 
well-meaning ear-looker. And it next all fell into a sucked-up-hushed, a big 
black hole yielding that awful, immediate, terrified quiet--the little song, and 
all sounds from that direction, inclusive of the ordinary background chatter of 
their fellow blacktop pedestrians. I turned my head--over and to the left--to 
see who had been that spirit-raising baby songbird, and who had so swiftly, 
needlessly, sharply caused her silence. The singer was a little girl about five 
years of age, walking slightly behind her ever-so-tiny, almost still-toddling 
younger brother, who appeared to be about three--and in between a couple, 
presumably their parents, themselves a decidedly very young female and male. Her 
critic had been the male, the father--who was closest in proximity to me. And 
their camp of four walked/toddled quickly, ever-so-obediently on--in that 
gruffly demanded, quick-zipped silence--and thus ended the soul-stirring, 
Heaven-sent, sugar-pop portion of the day. Isn't that sadly, too often 
sometimes, the human way?

It all set me immediately to pondering about relationships--whether familial 
or otherwise. I recalled that I have often contended that at the basis of every 
successful relationship should be a friendship/some of the core tenents of a 
friendship--like respect, an extension of the unconditional love that we're 
supposed to grant our family members, support, encouragement, and a motivation 
to both help lift each other higher and truly be there in our times of the 
lower. But--what if one doesn't operate in one's friendships in such an 
embracing, loving, manner? Or even treat oneself in any goodly/godly way? How 
then, could one turn around and be a true friend to the family one has created, 

And that, the all of it, made me think of what I admire in a friend. When I was 
little, and up throughout my mid teens, my late maternal Uncle--a tremendously 
bright, joy-filled and striding, sage, actively but oh-so-coolly religious, 
knight-like family man--used to routinely advise me to restrict my close 
friendships, and even my fave acquaintanceships, to those who would lift me up 
in this treacherous, swirling vice of a world. And I realized that he wasn't 
just talking about opportunities--he was speaking of spirit, of an 
in-whatever-way emotional support and upswing could be potentially offered from 
those whom you truly let into your little world's door. A cautionary so 
priceless, from a gentle, jovial soul who himself has since gone on to--as this 
Northern woman hears so often spiritedly said here in the South--Glory.

So. Accordingly--are you hoofing it, right this very reality, with those who 
would--or do--trample your 'Tra-la-la, la-la', or entice you into doing so to 
another? Are you consorting with those who merely encourage you into idle 
gossip, or with those souls who set you trending and thinking on higher, more 
harmonious levels of human existence, deed, inspiration, consciousness? Are your 
friends there for you in your ultimate times of need--as you have been there for 
them in theirs, whether it was in their jaw-dropping crises; or by putting money 
in their pockets in patronage of their businesses, livelihoods, or other 
pursuits; or in other of their lives' welcome or unwelcome experiences--to hold 
your hand, pray/meditate/intend good things together with and/or over you; to 
chat with you if you feel/are able to utter words into sentence; or to just be 
stick-still in a room with you, and let their presence--strong and hugging--just 
two-or-three-in-a-sandbox be with you, if your eyes are closing, and your lips 
sometimes have the happenstance to make no sound? 

You know, simply put, I like men and women who source well beyond the darkness; 
who challenge others every day--even unto their friendships--to embrace, speak, 
the good; shut out/prophylax the constant downpull on humanity to that which is 
ultimately meddling, injurious, harmful; who seek to help others soar in their 
unique songs, thereby bettering the spiritual statuses of those populating this 
spinning, spinning, spinning, ever-transitioning planet. Okay--perhaps that 
wasn't so simply put--but that's what I respect, admire, and grateful, think an 
addition to our humanity. Here's an interview with onesuch extraordinary 
person--a woman that I interviewed on the show, who definitely flush-fits that 
exemplary life-lifting mold--Pro Golfer, Olympian, and Celebrity Fitness Expert 
Andia Winslow. Hope you indeed re-enjoy (click link to listen):

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