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In 5 w/Fey: Rosalidia Dubon: Serial Women's Biz Entrepreneur

by Fey Ugokwe, Esq. @pinkpurseintl

And in each to each thing we learn--bending over backwards and picking up pieces of ourselves that were scattered jigsaw from this house to that, in the dew and dank that were the jungles of our youths. And those experiences, fastened back and connecting, depict the streams and cluttered paths from which we rose--tell the swiveling story of the who we are--and bear proof that the wind whirling within our flesh is directed, mission-mapped, and overwhelmingly pivotal to the planet. But the serial entrepreneurs, ah--they go the seven steps farther, don't they--standing bullies past on their hapless heads, mouths agape in a shame-pain, as they the visionaries take aim, launch, and launch again, flying well high and free above the trees forever. For influential, San Francisco-based serial entrepreneur, women's advocate, and women's business strategist Rosalidia Dubon @fitnfabs, there was a pre-adulthood puzzle trail from Cali to Honduras, Honduras to L.A., and L.A. to San Francisco that evening out, has marked the that which who she is today. And it was epic, and it was all about Woman, and I interfaced with her as between magazines and more biz, she opened up about her unique heritage, experiences, and yearnings:   

Q. You were raised in the arms of Honduras with your grandmother, until you were 6 years of age. What was it like for you, particularly as a young girl, to be raised in that portion of Central America--and then suddenly whisked off to your immigrant, working mother in the U.S.? And what did you observe was the quality of her existence in both countries, and how did it impact your later life desire to become a woman entrepreneur?

That’s all I knew--that was home. I was a happy little girl surrounded by loving and caring friends, and a huge extended family. Everybody there was very friendly and warm-hearted--it wasn't uncommon to have neighbors or strangers engage in a conversation, or greet you “good morning”. In Honduras, I grew up in a beautiful home with a large patio and had parakeets, cats, dogs, and tortoises. I was surrounded by wonderful friends and family and even had a loving nanny. My Grandma was a principal at a school in Honduras and she was a boss lady ;). She got to the highest level of education in her field, and she always strived to be the best. She gave everything I could ever want or need. She never denied anything--scarcity was never something I had to face. In L.A., everything seemed more fast-paced and I definitely didn't have a roomy home there. I had to use public transportation and walked to many places because Grandma didn't have a car, but that was fun for me. As a little girl, I didn't know why I was being taken away from my country and family. I felt I was yanked from my roots to come to the unknown--and a completely different culture. My entrepreneurial spirit comes from my great-grandfather. Many of my great aunts and uncles are also entrepreneurs. And although it skipped my mother and grandmother, I sure inherited their traits! I've always had a "limitless" mindset, and that's exactly what I promote now--one of my hashtags is #BeLimitless. I believe resources are readily available for everybody, we just need to know what we want first, and work towards that goal, and we will get there.  

Q. You’ve been decidedly candid about the peer bullying you experienced from boys and other young girls, when you arrived in your new school systems in Los Angeles, CA and later, San Francisco, that occurred because of your foreignness—but also because of your attractiveness. What unique effect did particularly that intragender, girl-on-girl bullying have on your self esteem, and how did it ultimately shape the way you view other women today?

I thank God for my strong and positive mindset. I never had identity issues, and I never let any of it get to me. I realized they had insecurity issues and were lashing out, on me, all the anger and traumas they had, as a way to escape their problems. Adults are no different from kids, and if they have unresolved issues, they can also be bullies. I have been blessed to encounter uplifting and genuine women in my adult years, and I really cherish them.

Q. Raising a child alone is often a daunting task, but you’ve embraced it with a firm resolve and attendant reason—despite being repeatedly encouraged by your very traditional, culture-minded family to marry. What is it that made you feel adverse to being formally coupled off, and what if anything, has changed in your mindset regarding marriage now? And what do you plan to tell your daughter about your concept of marriage?

Now that I’m older, I realized that my views about marriage were subconsciously engraved by the lack of lasting marriages in my family. Everybody around me had been divorced, and had a negative impact on how I viewed marriage. My thinking in my 20’s was that if I got married I would end up getting divorced--so why start the process in the first place? 
My thinking now has changed, and if the opportunity of getting married arises, I’m in! I’m an advocate for letting each individual find themselves, and I don’t push my beliefs on other people--and my daughter wouldn’t be any different. She will form her own conclusion about marriage and decide if that’s for her, or not.

Q. Your entrepreneurships share an ideological mission to uplift the status of women and re-ignite their positive sense of self. What are some of the specific features of your businesses, and what was the most game-changing experience you’ve ever had with a client, that solidified your dedication to those quests?

I work with experts such as nutritionists, self-development coaches, and doctors--and together we provide a support system for women to promote self-care and love, and instill limitless mindsets. We do this through my print publication, social media, and events in the SF Bay area, and Hollywood. 

I have received amazing feedback, and this is one of them: '"There are many things that set this magazine apart from the rest. Content is SPOT ON! Every article has great information that readers seek, can relate to or are inspired by."' This is what I live for!

Q. On your mother’s side of the family, you’re actually part French. Because of that immediate and additional cultural diversity in your family, do you plan to remain local and stateside with your entrepreneurships, or are you wishing to expand to outside of the U.S.?

Actually I was just featured in a podcast in Ireland called "Let's Talk Business with Susan Smyth". I loved it! I see myself doing worldwide tours and bringing a set of experts that can enrich mindsets in every part of the world, similar to Oprah. I'm also planning on publishing a book about my childhood struggles and how I kept afloat--and turned all the negative into the fuel that powers me into being a successful entrepreneur!


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